XL Page

This page contains the string mappings to convert PmWiki's prompts into another language.

Most strings have the original text on the left-hand-side, and two quotation marks on the right-hand-side which can be filled with the translation. However, some strings already have an English explanation on the right-hand-side, which can be replaced with the appropriate translation, to explain the cryptic string names on the left-hand-side. If you are confused about left and right, as many people are, please go and have a cuppa and a lie down, then come back to translation. :)

Other strings to be translated may be found at PmWiki.XLPageCookbookTemplate.

  ### locale identifier, e.g. 'de' or 'cs_CZ.ISO-8859-2'
  'Locale' => 'si_SI',
  ### time format, e.g. '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M EET'
  'TimeFmt' => '%d %B %Y %H:%M',

  ### standard layout strings
  'View' => 'Pokaži',
  'Edit' => 'Spremeni',
  'History' => 'Zgodovina',
  'Print' => 'Tiskaj',
  'Recent Changes' => 'Zadnje spremembe',
  'Search' => 'Najdi',
  'Page last modified on $LastModified' => 'Stran zadnjič spremenjena  $LastModified',
  'Go' => 'Pojdi',
  'All Recent Changes' => 'Vse zadnje spremembe',
  'Printable View' => 'Tiskalniku prijazno',
  'Page History' => 'Zgodovina strani',
  'Read Page' => 'Beri stran',
  'Edit Page' => 'Spremeni stran',
  'WikiHelp' => 'Pomoč',

  'Retrieved from $PageUrl' => 'Text izvira is $PageUrl',
  # access keys
  # 'ak_view' => '',
  # 'ak_edit' => '',
  # 'ak_history' => '',
  # 'ak_print' => '',
  # 'ak_recentchanges' => ''

  ### page locations
  '{$SiteGroup}/EditQuickReference' => '',
  '{$SiteGroup}/UploadQuickReference' => '',
  '$SiteGroup/Search' => '',
  '$SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges' => '',
  '$Group.RecentChanges' => '',

  ### browse page strings
  'redirected from' => 'prišel od',

  ### edit page strings
  'Editing $FullName' => 'Sprememba $FullName',
  'Describe $Name here.' => 'Opiši [[$Name]].',
  'Save' => 'Shrani',
  'Save and edit' => 'Shrani in spremeni', 
  'Preview' => 'Predogled',
  'Cancel' => 'Prekliči',
  'Reset' => 'Zavrži',
  'Author' => 'Avtor',
  'An author name is required.' => 'Ime avtorja je potrebno',
  'Summary' => 'Povzetek',
  'This is a minor edit' => 'To je manjša sprememba',
  'Preview `{$FullName}' => 'Predogled `{$FullName}',
  'End of preview -- remember to save' => 'Konec predogleda - ne pozabite shranit strani!',
  'Page is unsaved' => 'Stran še ni shranjena!',
  'Top' => 'Na vrh',
  # access keys
  # 'ak_save' => '',
  # 'ak_saveedit' => '',
  # 'ak_preview' => '',

  ### page history strings
  'History' => 'Zgodovina',
  '$FullName History' => 'Zgodovina  $FullName',
  'Show minor edits' => 'Pokaži manjše spremembe',
  'Hide minor edits' => 'Skrij manjše spremembe',
  'Show changes to markup' => 'Pokaži spremembe v kodi',
  'Show changes to output' => 'Pokaži spremembe v rezultatu',
  'by' => 'od',
  'Restore' => 'Povrniti',
  'Added line $DiffLines:' => 'Dodal vrstico $DiffLines:',
  'Added lines $DiffLines:' => 'Dodal vrstice $DiffLines:',
  'Changed line $DiffLines from:' => 'Spremenil vrstico $DiffLines:',
  'Changed lines $DiffLines from:' => 'Spremenil vrstice $DiffLines:',
  'Deleted line $DiffLines:' => 'Izbrisal vrstico $DiffLines:',
  'Deleted lines $DiffLines:' => 'Izbrisal vrstice $DiffLines:',
  'to:' => 'spremenil v:',

  ### page attribute strings
  'Page Attributes' => 'Lastnosti strani',
  'Attributes' => 'Lastnosti',
  '$FullName Attributes' => 'Lastnosti $FullName',
  'Set new read password:' => 'Novi "preberi" password:',
  'Set new edit password:' => 'Novi "spremeni" password:',
  'Set new attribute password:' => 'Novi "lastnosti" password:',
  '(set by $PWSource)' => '',
  '(using $PWCascade password)' => '',
  'Password required' => '',
  'Name' => '',
  'Password' => '',
  'EnterAttributes' =>
    "Enter new attributes for this page below.  Leaving a field blank will leave the attribute unchanged.  To clear an attribute, enter 'clear'.",

  ### search strings
  'Search' => 'Najdi',
  'Search Results' => 'Rezultati',
  'SearchFor' => 'Iskali ste <em>$Needle</em>:',
  'SearchFound' => 
    '$MatchCount rezultatov na skupno $MatchSearched strani/straneh.',

  ### upload strings
  'Attach' => 'Pripni',
  'Uploads' => 'Naloži datoteke',
  'Attachments for' => 'Priponke',
  'File to upload:' => 'Iberite datoteko',
  'Name attachment as:' => 'Shraniti pod drugim imenom?',
  'Upload' => 'Naloži',
  'ULsuccess' => 'Nalaganje uspešno',
  'ULbadname' => 'Neveljavno ime',
  'ULbadtype' => '\'$upext\' ni podpiran tip datoteke',
  'ULtoobig' => 'Datoteka je prevelika',
  'ULtoobigext' => 
	'Datoteka presega velikost $upextmax Bytes za datoteko tipa \'$upext\'',
  'ULpartial' => 'Datoteka je bilas samo delno naložena',
  'ULnofile' => 'Datoteka ni bila naložena',
  'ULexists' => 'Datoteka  s tem imenom že obstaja',
  'ULpquota' => 'quota za skupino je presežena',
  'ULtquota' => 'quota je presežena',
  'Set new upload password:' => 'Novi password za nalaganje datotek:',

 ### GuiEdit button bar
  'Emphasized' => 'Kurzivno',
  'Emphasized (italic)' => 'Kurzivno',
  'Strong' => 'Mastno',
  'Strong (bold)' => 'Mastno',
  'Page link' => 'URL',
  'Link to internal page' => 'Wikilink',
  'link text' => 'Linktext',
  'Link to external page' => 'Link k externi strani',
  'file.ext' => 'Datei.typ',
  'Attach file' => 'Datei anhängen',
  'Big text' => 'Veliki Text',
  'Small text' => 'Mali Text',
  'Superscript' => 'Visoko',
  'Subscript' => 'Nizko',
  'Heading' => 'Naslov',
  'Subheading' => '',

  'Heading 2' => 'Naslov 2',
  'Heading 3' => 'Naslov 3',
  'Center' => 'Centrirano',
  'Unordered list' => 'Seznam',
  'Unordered (bullet) list' => 'Neoštevil&#269;eni seznam',
  'Ordered list' => 'Oštevil&#269;eni seznam',
  'Ordered (numbered) list' => 'Oštevil&#269;eni seznam',
  'Indented text' => 'Indented text',
  'Hanging indent' => 'Hanging indent',
  'Horizontal rule' => 'Horizontal rule',
  'Table' => 'Tabela',
  'Table of content' => 'Seznam vsebine',
  'Insert image' => 'Bild einfügen',
  'MyImage.jpg' => 'MeinBild.jpg',

  ### Others
  'not found' => 'ni najden',
  'redirected from' => 'prišel od',
  '(approve sites)' => '(Links überprüfen)',
  'This post has been blocked by the administrator' => 'Das Senden wurde durch den Administrator  blockiert',
  'Password encryption' => 'Passwortverschlüsselung',
  'EditConflict' => 
    "The page you are editing has been modified since you started editing it.  The modifications have been merged into the text below, you may want to verify the results of the merge before pressing save.  Conflicts the system couldn't resolve are bracketed by &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; and &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;."